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Modular Merchant versin 2.017 is now available
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PostPosted: Feb 03, 2006 04:14pm    Post subject: Modular Merchant versin 2.017 is now available Reply with quote

Modular Merchant version 2.017
Released 2/03/06
This update includes the following items:

How do I update?

The next time you log in to your store Administration area, an icon stating "An Update is Available" (Figure 1) should be displayed in the upper-right section of your Admin Home page. Click this icon to load the Update Installer page. Read about all of the updates & changes in the update, and then click the "Install this Update" button at the bottom of the page.

Software Update Button
Figure 1: Software Update Button

Clicking the "Install this Update" button will automatically install the update for hosted BASIC and PLUS accounts. That's it! If you have a remotely hosted PRO account, a zip file containing the update will start to download. Follow the instructions on the page and in the zip file to complete the update of your PRO account.

Items Requiring Your Attention.

Scheduled Orders: The Scheduled Orders options are now located in the Modules > Scheduled Orders section of the Administration area. Many new options have been added to the Scheduled Orders.

Bug Fixes

Best Sellers Report: The Best Sellers report should now load the current day by default when the page is first loaded. (Previously, the default page load was blank.)

Best Sellers Report / Promotions Module: The sales figures in the Best Sellers report will no longer include products that were included in orders as free promotional items. Only purchased products will be listed.

Best Sellers List on Admin Home Page: The "Today's Best Sellers" report on the Home page of the administration area was calculating the beginning of the day incorrectly.

Customer Details: Customer Notes will now retain line breaks.

Customer Details / Scheduled Products Module: On the Customer Details page, the date of a customer's next scheduled order, if any, was off by several hours. This would cause it to sometimes display as being due the previous/next day. This has been corrected.

Storefront: Input passed to the "cat" parameter in "category.php" will be properly sanitized before being returned to the user.

Checkout Receipt: Improved line endings for better formatting of receipt emails in certain server configurations.

Promotions Module: Fixed a bug in Promotions module in which the "line prices" for products with a discounted price caused by a Promotion in the customer's shopping basket could be switched around. The discounted price for each item in the basket will now be listed with the correct product.

Place an Order/Promotions: Fixed an issue in which when an Admin placed an order containing products discounted due to a Promotion, the discounted product prices would either not be retained when moving to the next step of the order process, or would cumulatively re-discount. The prices should be correct from one step of the Place an Order process to the next.

Search Customers: Both the phone number AND the area code field will be scanned when searching for a customer using the "Search by Phone Number" field.

System Settings: The option selected in System Setting # 54, which determines the first page of the checkout process, was being ignored and reverting to the "Login Challenge" page. This setting should now be saved correctly.

PayFlow Pro: The process by which "free" orders are submitted to Verisign's PayFlow Pro payment gateway has been updated. Hopefully, this will prevent PayFlow from declining "free" orders that are processed via the Scheduled Products queue.

Search Categories: The correct System ID (SID) number will be displayed when viewing the categories associated with a selected category on the ad_categories.php page. The edit buttons will also link to the correct Product Editor page.

Search Categories: The "Update Display Order" button for products assigned to a specific category will work again on the ad_categories.php page.

Support: Fixed typo on "Start a New Support Ticket" section of Support section of the Administration area.

Storefront / Search Engine: The Product Modifier dropdown menus on the product.php pages in the storefront will again work when the search form is also present on the page.

Customer Account Area: A fix has been implemented to prevent non-logged-in customers from accidentally accessing a "Phantom Order History" area, listing several blank orders. Also, the "return to login page" link no longer allows the customer to access the phantom zone in certain circumstances.

Digital Products Module: Fixed a bug that would display an error message in the store's digital products download area if all of the products in an order had the exact same digital objects assigned to them.

Collect Authorized Funds: Fixed a bug that could potentially cause the Collect Authorized Funds page to include previously collected orders in the list of orders it submitted to the merchant account for collection. This would cause the collection process to fail.

New Features and Updates

Coupons Module: The Coupon Module manual can now be downloaded from the module's home page in the administration area.

Customer Account Area / Digital Products Module: The passwords for any free digital product orders, created by an Administrator for a customer, are now listed in the “My Order history” section of the customer's account area.

Customers: Customer IP address is now saved when the customer creates or edits their account. The IP address is displayed on the customer details page, and can be included in the customer data export.

Digital Products Module: A floodcheck can be set to require a pause of X seconds between download attempts. If someone is stopped by the floodcheck, that download attempt does not count towards their total downloads for that file.

Digital Products Module: The shelf life of Digital Objects (the files the customer downloads) can be modified on an object-by-object basis. For example, Digital Object A can be set to expire in 24 hours or 2 download attempts, and Digital Object B can be set to expire in 72 hours or 10 download attempts. Previously, all Digital Objects shared the same shelf life.

Import: Added an improved function to check the system memory usage during the import process.

Products: Added "Restrict Quantity" option in the Product Editor. If set, the quantity of the product in the customer's shopping basket will not be editable. This option can be set in the “Shipping & Fulfillment” tab on the Product Editor.

Products: Products can now have a royalty value associated with them. The royalty can be set to either a flat dollar value or as a percentage of the product purchase price, and will be credited to the product's Manufacturer at the time of sale. The royalty can be set to the third decimal place. Example: 1.234. An upcoming "Manufacturer Report" will include information on Royalty earnings for each Manufacturer.

Promotions Module: The “review promotions” page has expand/collapse capabilities.

Promotions Module: Added the following new options to promotions: “display order” determines the order in which promotions are triggered, “ignore some/all” allows a triggered promotion to prevent some or all remaining promotions from being triggered, and “number of products in the category needed to trigger” can be set to require the presence of a certain number of products in a specified category in a customer's shopping basket in order to trigger the promotion.

Scheduled Orders: The scheduled orders tools have graduated to their own module. The Scheduled Orders options are now located in the "Modules" section of the administration area. The module has its own control panel and user's guide. Many new options have been added to the Scheduled Orders module.

Scheduled Orders: Scheduled Order module now can send out a customizable email when a scheduled order is declined, and/or an expiration warning when an order is placed using a credit card that expires this month.

Scheduled Orders: Overdue scheduled orders can now calculate finance charges.

Scheduled Orders: Scheduled Orders can now be set to reschedule based on either originally scheduled bill date or the actual payment date.

Scheduled Orders/Coupons: Coupon codes can now be assigned to scheduled orders. Also, scheduled orders can be set to optionally retain their coupon codes when the order is processed, allowing the coupon code to be reused the next time a scheduled order becomes due.

Checkout: Improved billing address error-checking during the checkout process. If a customer reaches the checkout2.php page with incomplete billing address information, they will receive a popup message informing them that their address must be updated, and they will be automatically returned to checkout1.php to update their address.

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